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Omfg don’t tell me you don’t have money to do this/that and then go on vacation or buy a brand new camera or spend a lot of money. Same goes for when you tell me you “just don’t have time to do anything anymore”. Just don’t.

I will put aside my hatred for something you like/want to do, to spend time with you.

"Like so many Americans, she was trying to construct a life that made sense from things she found in gift shops."

brainwaves living in stills
nightmares just floating on film
you found it in the white lies in the back of your mind
and you know it’s not the same reel that you dusted off before

so slide it in a tape deck
put it in a vcr
show me how you got in this predicament
did the devil let you down?
I could tell you it’s the apex
I could tell you it’s the Al Hamra
take another shot of your adrenaline
and pray you get that far

sharp turns covered in skin
I bet the black gates just letting you in
you want another sure thing, a super 8 dream
but you know this aint a classic or one you’ve ever seen before

[it came on paddle boats
upon arrival we tried so hard to flee
it followed]

Goldroom - Embrace by Goldroom

Don’t stop now, 
You are my everything


La Veste Masculinevia mangoandsalt


La Veste Masculine
via mangoandsalt